Our homes are more than just houses. They’re a place where our family connects, bonds with one another, where we relax, play, celebrate milestones, and anniversaries. Home is where we teach our children to walk, where our babies learn their first words, and where we guide our teenagers towards spreading their wings. Home is where we build our lives and start making memories.
Jenny Pulaski and Mike Bui know how important it is to have a home where you can do just that. Blending together luxury and a strong sense of community, they know that Silver Creek Valley is the perfect area to settle down in and focus on the more important things in life.
Together,  Jenny and Mike sold over $100 million worth of prime Silicon Valley real estate. Collectively, they have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. Jenny’s strong background in corporate marketing and advertising, and Mike’s impressive resume of business ventures and property development, gives these Silver Creek Valley area specialists a competitive edge.
Complete with a season on HGTV’s Flip It To Win It in 2014, Jenny and Mike, along with their entire EQ1 team, bring a wealth of experience, education and expertise to the table. They consistently prove that their marketing strategies, sales techniques, and dedication to offering their clients the highest quality service are a winning formula.
Jenny, along with her husband Jay and their three children, are Meadowlands locals. Mike and his wife Julie, and their two children, are long time Bay Area residents.